Matchmaking app between professional and end customer - Payment setup

Hello everyone, thank you for your participation on this platform.

I developed a matchmaking app. This app allows professionals to connect and deliver a consulting service directly on the platform. The customer pays directly on the app and benefits from his “consulting”.
Currently my in-app purchases (1 week service + 1 monthly subscription) are linked via IAPHub to my google payments account and it is therefore me who is credited, after the commission from Apple and Google.

I would like: an integrated payment platform (with stripe?) where each professional can directly receive his money, on which I would take a commission. With if possible a possibility for him to propose his own prices, etc.

Is this solution feasible? (Buziness model Uber style in a way).
If so with Adalo, how? I think to drop the integrated purchase and dvp an integrated payment box: we skip Apple/Google taxes and in addition we can put the beneficiary that we want according to each product ID??
I’m a bit lost and search all the forums, I contact google support but they seem reluctant…

Thank you for your participation!

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