🐒 Mentions Input (@, #, URL) | New Component from NoCode Monkey

Hey everyone,
There’s a new component from NoCode Monkey!

:point_right:Mentions Input (@, #, URL)

  • Display Usernames (@), Trends (#), and URLs with colored text
  • Clickable username suggestions
  • Show user images with suggestions

See Demo

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Awesome component. Been a long time coming! Great work!

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Hello Michael,
I am really interested in it, however I would like to check on few things

  1. Does it impact the app performance? With and without this component?
  2. In case of any issue encountered with component after the purchase, how does the support work?
  3. If the component gets updated, does the user get notified?
  4. In case of component updates, does the component has to be replaced with updated version manually or does adalo platform takes care of it?
  5. Can you share how many apps using this component ?

Thanks! Looking forward to hear.

@Michael Appreciate your thoughts on my earlier comments?

Hello, Michael!
We just purchase the mentions input and text for our social media app. Is there any guides, videos or any tutorials that can help us connect the components mentions to work

P.d. We already saw the demos, please!
Saludos, Mx