🐒 Mentions Text @, #, URL | New Component from NoCode Monkey

Hey Everyone,

There’s a new component from NoCode Monkey!!!

:point_right:Mentions Text (@, #, URL)

  • Display Usernames (@), Trends (#), and URLs with clickable text
  • Assign actions to the clicked text (ex. Go to User’s Profile)
  • Choose highlighted text colors

See Demo

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I like it, this a great feature.
Is there autocomplete as a setting? Right now I have to type the precise username or tag

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:shushing_face: In progress… This will be a separate input component.
We have a basic working version now but trying to see if we can improve a few features to increase the functionality.


No code Monkey is on fire. I want this!

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We can send out a cloneable version of this Demo Template to anyone that needs it as well. It’s pretty simple to set up, but just in case anyone was worried.

Hi Michael and thanks for sharing

please send me a cloneable version

thanks again

Wow Michael! :clap: You are really cool! :muscle:

Can anyone suggest a great name for Michael? Maybe Component Master or Comp Genius? :wink: