Menu stay open on link back

I did a lot of search and couldn’t find an answer for that issue.
When using a menu it will stay open when I use the link back option. here is example:

I can use a custom menu like show in this video that toggle a record in the user collection but it doesn’t have animation so it will not be good for main menu. (I use toggle and not 2 icons with display option). and also will have to add update user in more places in case a user close the app without closing the menu so it will be close next time he enter. not a great solution.

Any good workaround the problem “menu stay open when linking back”? and I cant use link to page as there are multiple pages that user could have come from. Also what will happen if user click back on his phone and don’t use the link back.

This is crucial for any app to function properly. Adalo?

Or am I missing something?


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