Merging Related data's in one cell!

I have created order database which has related to order items =>(A order item can have only one order, A order can have multiple order items) now i want to create the data row which must consist of multiple all order item name with quantity. the reason i want to create this to send the email to my customers, using zap=>which has the possibility to get the information of single relation data’s but i wanna to get all the data’s of order items in mail… so how to do it? is there any possiblity?

This won’t work, I don’t think but I was thinking it would be nice if you could create a Text field/Property in your Order and have an action when the Order is finalized that uses Magic Text to create the merged string of text you want to use in Zapier?

Could you use Zapier to send the values from the Order and Order Items to rows in a GSheet or Airtable and then concatenate the values? Something like that might work but I don’t think Adalo currently has the capability to roll up data from a relational hierarchy like that.

Would be interest to know if you find a solution. I could probably apply this to a different use case in my app.

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