Multiple values in a cell export to Google Sheets

Hi there!
In an Adalo database cell, I collect multiple values (via multiselect). But when I transfer the data to Google Sheets, those values are not saved.
Is there a way to transfer multiple values from an Adalo cell to Google Sheets?


Hi @raznyeregistracii,

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To start with: on the first screenshot you’re showing relationships in the Adalo DB, not the values themselves.
In other words, one “Замер” can have several “Инструментs”; the information about particular Замер record is stored in the “Замерs” collection (one table), and it has relation to several record in “Инструментs” collection (another table).

How do you try to transfer the info from Adalo DB to Google Sheets? Are you using Integromat or Zapier or some other service?


Hi, Victor.
Exactly, relationships. As far as I know, it works a little differently in Glide.
I would like to somehow transfer this data to google sheets. So that these multiple values would end up in the same cell of the google sheets.

And yes, I’m using Zapier

Thank you