Ordering App : Problem to send order items to Spreadsheet

Hello everyone!

Has anyone ever used the Ordering FOOD SPOT template? I customized it a little bit to make it work for one restaurant with stock management and without online payment but I’m stuck on sending data via Zapier.
I’m able to send all the data EXCEPT the content of the order, which, you’ll agree, is a bit annoying. :slight_smile:
I export the ORDERS table, I have all the info but the menu items are in the “orders” column which only counts the items but doesn’t display them. The “orders items” are in another table… Zapier does not list the menu items of the order, I don’t know why !
I don’t know if I’m clear… If someone has an idea… I’ll take it ! Thank you. Thank you.

Here’s how to do this:

  1. Make sure the orders have an ID of some kind and that the ID is replicated to an order item each time one is added to the order.

  2. When you fire the Zap to export an Order’s order items, the zap will look up all Order Items then use the Filter step to filter it to match the ID of the Order you want to export.

  3. The last step of the Zap will be to add those items to a spreadsheet and save/send/export it to where it needs to go.

Hi @pfordmedia, thanks for your answer. So I’ll have 2 zaps right ? One for the ORDERS table with the name, email, pick up time, etc… And an other Zap with the items of the order ?

To be honest I’m not sure which would work better, but I think it could just be one multi-step Zap. I use Integromat more because it’s a little bit easier to see the action path, but it should be able to be contained in one Zap.

The thing is that I can’t do it in 1 zap cause the items are not in the same table. That’s why I have this problem.
On one hand I have the infos of my order (orders table) et on the other hand the items of my order (orers items)

Look here :

Integromat does not integrate Adalo :frowning:

Gotcha. You can actually use the new Adalo API to use it with Integromat.

But yes sorry I was thinking Zapier had a Get All Records module, but it doesn’t look like they do…

Outch… “You can actually use the new Adalo API to use it with Integromat.”. I absolutely don’t know to do it. :wink:
I’ll try with Zapier. You gave me some clues to do it. I keep going… Thanks a lot !

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