MIgrating from Adalo app to my custom built

What if want to move from Adalo to my self-made app in future, will my users need to re-install the latest one or does changing the apk file given by adalo with mine does the work?

If you aren’t using the apk built by Adalo, then yes your users would have to install a different app.

I am new to Adalo. What are the other ways than that and Why someone will not use apk built by adaloPros and cons? Any helper material I can go through ?

Sorry I do not understand your question above. Could you explain it further, thanks.

You mentioned if we are not using the apk built by adalo only then my users will need to re-install the app. So is there any other way than using apk built provided by adalo ?

Hello there, please reply to this query! Let me know if you want me to elaborate the query again ?

Please elaborate further if possible giving an example of the scenario you are expecting.

I haven’t purchased Adalo yet, just want to confirm one thing. When I wish to make my own app, will my users need to install that app separately or I can just change the current one with my apk and all the app installed users get that new version of the app?

In this case you can reassign the APK certificates, but I do believe your users would need to create new logins (unless you are able to utilise our auth when that’s available).

You can input all the users emails and then direct them to do a forgot password or assign them a password and have them reset when they log in - Your developer should be able to make a suggestion on that.

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