Mission impossible? Using users location to create dynamic redirect

Hi everyone!

This is quite a challenge I guess, but who knows… :wink:

I am trying to set up my app in which users can search for their family or friends and add them to their ‘‘network’’. I would like people in these family/friends networks to all swipe the same set of dishes (food dishes) to decide together what to eat tonight. I would like the users to get directed to [this website] (https://www.thuisbezorgd.nl/) and then have the users zip code (or address, or city) automatically put in the search field.

For example: when user 1 and user 2 both swiped burgers (so they liked them) and they want to order that for tonight. How can I use the users location to send them to restaurant nearby them?

Maybe this is impossible, but maybe you know some workaround haha.

My app is still under construction, but can be found here MealMatch Clone Clone

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