Mitigating Client Risks

Hi All
I’m really enjoying working on Adalo platform and I’d like to offer a service in my country to develop solutions on Adalo for small businesses. However I have been hesitant when I think about possible risks to a client and I’m looking for ways to mitigate them.

THE CHALLENGE: If I build solutions for customers and in the future I discontinue my service with Adalo for some unforeseen reason, the client will be negatively impacted.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: One solution is for the client to purchase their own subscription to Adalo and host their solution, but it may not be cost effective for a small business or sole trader with a single app.

QUESTION: Does anyone here have any info on studios who would take over hosting and maintenance of customer solutions?

Thanks in advance for any insights :). You guys have been awesome.

Hi @Gaby

The best solution is to have your clients get their own subscription with Adalo and add you to their team, so you can work on the app from their account (once you have completed the sale of course).

Don’t keep the app in your account because, as you said, life happens and you may need to close your business.

With that, you have to be upfront with your clients about this. That it will be a recurring cost to keep the app running.

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Thanks @charleshope I appreciate your feedback.
Given the current recurring cost of Adalo, it does limit the kind of clients I can approach. This is the reason I was looking for other possible options. Hopefully, soon Adalo will have an additional pricing tier.

I think the same, they pay to make the app and then they have to pay 50 dls a month a LOT to maintain a small app for a small store… imagine that a graphic designer designs the logo for you and to use it you have to pay the Adobe fee or corel …

I suggest that we should have an alternative…adalo should ask us: is this app for you or a client? if it is a client that has a subscription for clients that only allows 1 single APP and the maintenance is 10 dls… so adalo is earning 50 + 10 (only one app) that way we will be able to sell more…


I totally agree.

You can submit ideas to Adalo here:

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Apply a different model at first:

  • First question you should ask them, do they plan to monetize their app? If not, try to keep in the beginning in your account for a small monthly fee. If your business moves, one of us can always take over the support and future maintenance, if not, that is just business, you need to give them some transition time to find another solution.

  • If yes, charge them a small monthly fee until they monetize, when they monetize, 2 options: or they transfer the app for their own account or you charge a small commission on the profits. If you move, same process as before.

  • Having customers that don’t pay nothing and want a full app, believe me you want to avoid that, been there done that, they keep asking for more stuff. (Even here, worked for a customer for a custom API, in the end didn’t pay, pure waste of time, luckily, I turned off the API and he couldn’t use it).

Coming from WordPress development, seen thousands of people wanting to be the next Yelp, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, whatever, but they cannot let go of a single $ to invest in their IT. Keep in mind, you wanna win your bread & butter.

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Of course I understand you, I charge all my clients a monthly maintenance fee or an annual fee with a discount, with that I maintain my ADALO account and those that are food businesses a feed for each order, but commenting on what they asked what happens if one comes out of adalo, that’s why I suggested this option.

If in two months they don’t pay, I leave the app suspended until they pay.

Updates or adjustments are free of charge but if new things have to be added I charge them by the hour


Great feedback! This is an interesting approach.

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I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everyone’s feedback here on the possible business models.

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Wasn’t replying directly at you hahaha sorry @Santiago, was for @Gaby . Your suggestions also make sense :smiley: .

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