Modal screens changed?

It appears that with the performance updates today, there has come an unacceptable change in Modal screens.

If I make a change to a record on a model screen then I am shown a white screen with spinner, refreshing the parent screen.

Noticed it about 6 hrs ago in PWA and have tested iOS builds before and after performance updates. Only an issue in new builds.

Anybody experience the same?

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Modal is behaving ok, PWA. Maybe because its not new enough (as you stated)

Getting more spinners, in more places, but a bit faster.

Unfortunately I was correct… Confirmed by Adalo Support.
They are aiming to fix it ASAP :crossed_fingers:


Hi @Rozza,

I think Adalo fixed this one! Now I don’t a get a white screen with the loading spinner. I guess same for you?

Thank you


Bravo Adalo, fixed for me in PWA, will presume it so in iOS and commit a build to check.
@dilon_perera thanks for the heads up.

EDIT: Fixed in iOS builds too.

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