White screen - how to troubleshoot?

This started happening on one particular modal without warning. Only seems to happen in the iOS native app.

It is functionality that’s been working for a while. Now the screen goes completely white and I have to crash the app and re-launch.

I tried to link to a different model on the same screen and it worked.
I also tried a bunch of other variations (different links, different screens, new screens, etc) and it just seems to keep happening.

Problem is, it takes forever to test it. I have to make a small tweak, then run a full build to the app store. Rinse. Repeat.

Very frustrating when there is no clear indicator (log files??!!) or way to focus my attention to solve a problem. Anyone know what I should do in situations like this?

THE WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH… happens to all of us at some stage. I just had to deal with it yesterday. However, it was happening on all my previews as well. Not just testflight.

My issue was to do with a list that was causing it to crash and it only started crashing when i linked a curtain group of data back to it.

But even more interestingly if I had a visability rule that was counting the number of records and the formula was like this:

This visability rule was in my list and it was causing the whole screen to crash… WEIRD!

So i would double check this perhaps?

I can look for that, but can you tell me exactly what it is about that rule that would have caused the crash? It doesn’t sound like you did anything wrong. Which would mean, if true, that we have it narrowed down to exactly… um… anything. So I’ll look for something like that, but like I said in my post, it’s just a guess-and-test exercise, and the test part takes a long time (build, publish, etc). There has to be a way to narrow this down better.

ADALO? Help?

Yeah it was weird, it seems weird that the >0 was the issue. When i changed it to “NOT EQUAL TO” my list stopped crashing.

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