Multiple Filter

In the example of First Class Appointment Booking App, there is a screen that allows users to select Class Types to display user-preferred classes. Currently, it selects class type only, I want to link 2 more collections to this screen such as Country and City using a multi drop-down component which they can select to define their preference and also save this action to the user collections. Please advise how should I implement this.

I managed to save the user preference in User Collection for Country and City but I don’t see any option to display a list based on user preference the ClassType, Country and City all three should match. Only 1 preference can be selected from the Filter drop-down. If I try to add a custom filter It doesn’t show any option such as Logged in User > Favorite Country or Logged in User > Favorite City. Please advise any solution.

I managed to create multiple filters to list item.