Multiple Relationships


I am trying to create a custom filter list that displays medicinal plants that “cure” the kind of feeling that a patient wants to get rid of or feel.

So, a plant can have multiple feelings and a feeling can have multiple plants.

Every time I try to relate the two database collections and add a filter drop down menu, I get a bug that I cannot find nor have any clue to how to tackle the issue.

Can anyone please help!?

How does the bug present itself, ie what actually happens? Can you share some screenshots? If you can show collections and relationships also that would help.

When trying to make connections for filters I get bug that is meant to tell you that you have the wrong relationship type selected…

Like this for example…

Is a strain a plant?

I’m not sure I’d call this a bug, more that Adalo is trying to show you the relationships between your collections and in a way, a many to many relationship can repeat forever… so that’s why you’re seeing this.

If your goal is to show a list of strains based on a feeling then I’d do this:

  • Add a list to your page, a list of Strain
  • Add a drop down, based on Feelings
  • Set a filter on your list where Current Strain > Feelings > All contains the selected feeling from the drop down

This should work - however only shows the items when you select something from the drop down. If you wanted to show everything and then filter when someone selects something then I’d probably copy/paste the list, remove the filter, and then add a ‘show only’ rule to only show when the drop-down is equal to empty.

I got it! Thank you! Figuring out the relationships in the database is definitely not my strong suit.