Multiple user roles + invite system

Hi everyone :wave:

I’m creating a coaching app with 3 different user types:

  1. Admins
  2. Coaches
  3. End Users

I’m currently attempting to create a SINGLE sign up/in experience that uses true/false flags to determine which experience to route the user too.

I need some help thinking through the following…

This experience will be by invite only for the foreseeable future.

  • The admin will partially-create users from within the app (only first + last name & email address)

  • The users then receive an email invite to create their account, using the email address that the admin used

  • This email will be a unique link with their email address already populated AND locked into the form so that they can’t change it. (they can do that later from their profile if needed)

I have two questions…

  1. Do you know how I would go about partially creating the user account? When I’m trying it now, and I test it, it just says that the email address already exists (because it does). What I really want is for the user to then just fill out their username and set their password, but the email part is already done. Any idea how I would do this?

  2. How might I send a unique link via email that is associated with that specific users email address so that when they hit the experience, the email is already populated and cannot be altered?

Of course, my fallback scenario is to just have different sign up/in flows for different user types; but the issue around inviting users using a specific link is still an unknown to me. I don’t want just anyone to be able to create an account; only if they are already approved in the db by the admin beforehand. I’m a n00b, so these may be trivial (I hope!).


Use temporary password when creating this user and ask them to login using that password.

Have a boolean property to identify they need to change password, and redirect/link to another screen for them to change their password and update the boolean property.

Adalo does not have deep link yet, but you can use referral system at this post


Thanks @Yongki!

For your suggestion about using the temp password, is it risky sending passwords (even temporary ones) through email? Of course there’s the event that their email is compromised and therefor the risk of their account with my service being compromised since a nefarious person could set the new password. I might be being overly cautious there though.

Going to check out this referral system post!

The security risk is similar to invite link to email, others can copy paste the link.

If you want to add more security, perhaps add additional expired date to this temporary password, such as few minutes, but more secure means less flexible.

I think no code is about as flexible as possible.

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