Multiply Subaccounts with admin rights

Hello, I want to make a app for multiply Shops. Each Shop should have 1 admin user who can change customer credentials on a secondary Website (created with Adalo). The customer have access to a native app. When they log in USER 1 from SHOP 1 they only see the stuff from SHOP 1. I know how to make this. But I don’t understand how to make a superuser account that can login the backend (website) and changes the data from USER 1, 2, 3, 4 in SHOP 1 only.

Hi @pushingpandas ,

Just an idea, if you already have relation from users (employee) to shop (multiple users, 1 shop), have another one but this time call this as shop admin (multiple shops, 1 user).

It is better to visualize first in spreadsheet or tree diagram.

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