Multistage Forms

Hello, I have some issues with a form with multiple fields:

  1. how can I break data entry in multiple steps (like typeform so to speak), to make the form more engaging?

  2. is there a way to allow multiple files upload (instead of creating multiple fields, 1 for each expected file…number may not be known)

  3. Is there a way to enlarge the multiline text field to show more space? Also, have you considered a rich text type of field that doesnt break values coming from Office (example an Excel table copied and pasted=?

All these 3 points are highly critical for the type of application I need…
Please help!

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First form: create a new response; on submit to to form 2 (edit the response you just created); on submit go to form 3 (still editing the same response created on form 1).

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hi thanks, but not possible. when you populate some fields of a form and try to move to another part of the form, you see only “create new form” as it doesnt have “current RFQ” yet. or am i missing anything??

You should create the second form. Then for the actions on submit for form 1, navigate to form 2.

Then when you go back to edit form 2, you will have the option to edit the existing response as long as it’s the same type of collection as form 1.

Eg, as long as form 1 and form 2 are RFQ’s, and you have a navigation link from form 1 screen to form 2 screen, you can use form 2 to edit the RFQ you created in form 1.

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it worked!! many thanks))

another thing: how could I show the user a set of images to let him choose one of the allowed values (example “RFQ category”) instead of a standard dropdown?

Sure! If you have RFQ Categories in the database, create a screen with the list of categories you want to use and make the action for the list to go to the starting form (Form 1). You could have a picture field in the RFQ category collection and pull this through to the list.

When you configure the fields in that form, remove the drop down for RFQ category and set the field automatically (the current RFQ category) instead.

This way, it still sets the category for your RFQ, but doesn’t ask the user again.

Hello thanks…I implemented the chat as per the standard video…is it possible to add files to the message?

With form or text inputs?

Hey, this may be stale now, but here is a technique that can give you much more freedom in form building: Making interactive and dynamic forms in Adalo - YouTube

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