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I’m just trying out Adalo for a month to see if I can port some educational web content over to a few interactive apps. For many things, Adalo seems ideal but I’m having trouble understanding the best way to organize things and get from screen to screen. I’m using this web activity: Whodunnit!.

I’ve organized the evidence in a list, pulling the bits and pieces for each entry in from a database and this works well. What I can’t figure out is how to set up the links from the little turquoise button attached to each entry. The first one, NOTES, should go to a simple space to leave notes. The second one should go to a couple text news articles as well as a couple audio files of radio news. The third one should go to another list of photo evidence. And so on.

But the main list only allows me to set the destination of the button once, not for each instance. I thought there would be a way to set the destination in the database then pull that in too but I can’t for the life of me figure that out. What am I doing wrong?

Incidentally, I’ve watched all the Adalo tutorials on lists and data multiple times but can’t seem to get it.

Let me include an image to hopefully make things clearer:

I have a very wonky workaround for this. Not the best but it gets the job done.

I send the users to a new screen that contains a bunch of countdown timers with visibility settings.

A user notifications screen contains a list of notifications that lead to different areas of the app when clicked.

New event notification takes them to events screen.
New message notification takes them to messages screen.

As you can probably guess, this was very ridiculous to set up. Luckily, it works like a charm for this app.

Thanks @Flawless. It does indeed look complicated. I ended up just losing the list and laying out and setting up links by hand as if it were a web page. Sorely disappointed at Adalo’s text, sound, WYSIWYG and many other capabilities. This is beta software not even close to being ready for prime time.

Sometimes that’s the best route. I’d say each use case would be different and may require different solutions.

I say submit feature requests to share your ideas. That’s one of the highlights of this community here, that we can all have a say and Adalo may take our ideas into consideration if they are feasible.

Yes, they’re growing and experiencing growing pains but to say that this is not ready for prime-time is not quite accurate as many of us have launched several successful apps. I’m proud to showcase my work with Adalo and I’m looking forward to the improvements and enhancements in the near future.

Best of luck @DaBoo !

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