Need a smart hack

Hi! Due to some constraints, my database is configured a bit differently. With reference to the image below, I want to understand if it is somehow possible to define a random field here: Rather than saying field 54, can I have field X (where the value of X changes in the List of Items)

Here is how my data is shaped:
Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 3.41.16 PM

My app has a list of Items from table 1 and shows Details 1 & 2 of that item. Along with that, I want it to display another value from Row 1 of Table 2, where the field is selected on the basis of Original Item ID. For example, in case of ItemID 1, I want the data point “ItemID=1 Qty” of Order table, and for ItemID 2, I want the data point “ItemID=2 Qty” of Order table.

Thanks in advance. My database configuration has its constraints and I can’t (sadly) change that. Thus, looking for such hacks

I don’t think no-code can do smart reference now, that would be against simplicity.

Hi @vkrntkd,

Just an idea - you may try to do it with custom actions. If an API of your DB can return a specific row based on API request, you could put the ID of that row into an API request via magic text…
May be you could look at that direction.


Thanks, Victor. That is how I am executing some of my PUT requests. The database and custom actions, takes care of what goes where. The problem is with LIST, which happens through external collections.

I was wondering something like this: In the first image, when you click CurrentKOrder and then select a field, that gets fed into the Default Value field. That is not editable. I believe that must be having some code behind it. Eg: {“KOrder”:“XX”}
And if someone enters that code in the field, that could give the same results as selecting CurrentKOrder and Field via this menu. If we find that out, we can make it editable and workable.

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