Need an app feasibility response before studying Adalo and begin to develop

Hi, a customer of mine asked me an app for IOS and Android. I found Adalo platform and I think that it can be a good choice in order to publish this app.
The question is: where can I illustrate the features this app should have in order to get a feasibility response from someone?
Is this forum the correct place?
Should I ask to an expert?
thanks in advance

Hello, welcome to the forum!

In adalo you can create whatever you like, just a little creativity and understand how it works Or buy templates and adapt them to what you need.

The good thing is that in adalo you can create it PWA, ANDROID and iOS.

What would be the app you need to make?

Hey @Marcello

yeah you came to the right place, you can list your app features and Adalo community will response to you from their experience in similar features regarding the performance and stuff!

Happy build!

The app I have to create is quite simple.

It’s a news reader from WP posts (there are no problems to serve WP posts because I can create a web service for feeding the app.).


Step 1 - splash screen.

Step 2 - the user has to accept privacy and terms & conditions (only once, when he launches the app for the first time. From the second time the user lands on step 4 after the splash screen).

Step 3 - news category list with the possibility to choose one or more than one category of news (the choice must be recorded for future notifications).

Step 4 - list of news with filters to filter a specific category.

Step 5 - single news with title, image and text (from WordPress database).


Step 3 - Step 4 - Step 5


When a news that belongs to a preferred category is published in WordPress, the user should receive a push notification on his device that inform about the just published news. Is it possible to generate push notifications from the same WP server through a php script or is mandatory to use services such as Zapier platform?

Thanks in advance

Hello, I have a digital portal in wordpress called ELPAYAGUA.COM… there I have notifications configured through Onesignal… in adalo you can also make a digital portal…

What I should do is connect the wordpress api with the Adalo api… create collections

news categories

News category and news will come from Wordpress

category must have a relationship with users … that the user select the categories that he likes

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Today I tried to develop the app using WP APIs.
Here there is the app preview.

Obviously this version doesn’t have the push notification feature yet.
I think the push notification can be obtained either with a PHP class but I never studied the push notification process. For example can be a notification reach only certain users that had chosen a particular news category?

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Absolutely, as long as you’re using Adalo’s “trigger notification” action. You can select All users and add a filter for the category.

You’ll need an internal collection of categories so that the users can be filtered by it.

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