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Good morning everyone,
I state that I am not a developer.

I made a simple app that displays the articles of a blog made in WordPress.

I activated the Push permits request in the Welcome screen.

Now, what I want is simply activating the classic notification on the phone (therefore outside the app) when a new article is published.

I am not interested in triggering a trigger inside the app you look if a user is logged in or not.

Considering that I am trying all of them, ONESIGNL, Zapier etc … but I can’t, has anyone ever faced this simple and reasonable request?

Thank you.

If you are using Zapier then I assume you are making use of the Adalo Notifications API.
What response do you get?

New Post in Wordpress, (webhook or time based scan of colleciton)
Get all users from Adalo
Set WPPost as Notifications = ‘Sending’ (so you don’t resend incase of an error)
For each user loop
Adalo notifications API

There are other ways to do this.
I would rather run it from Xano.

You need to make sure you are testing a proper native build.

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I tried with Zapier but the Adalo module only serves to create or update fields of an internal DB.

No, I’m not using Adalo bees because (it’s madness) they are only available for high subscription plans.

Can Zapier update direct to Worpress, to set “Notifications = sending”?

Or create a collection in Adalo (internal) call it wp_notifications wp_id (ID of WP post from the external collection, sent= true false, api_response

Zapier now finds the new post in the External WP collection. Creates a new “wp_notifications” record.
That becomes your reference table for sending the notification and updating the status.

Thank you @Rozza that’s also helpful for me. love it :ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Net that I did not understand what you said, this creates a notification to the Intenar of the app (I think).

I am not interested in this event, I want to simply create a stupid iOS notification to app Chius/off when a new article is published.

Did you take any social media?

Someone put a like, bam! Notification on iOS, open the phone and open the app to see.


Yeah, you’re gunna have to take some steps to achieve that BAM. Seeing as what you want won’t work out the box.

I’ve given you a solution :+1: If you don’t want to implement that… cool.

Sorry for my technical ignorance.

So I should create in Adalo:

1 A DB called Notify and who disputes which fields?

In Zapier:
1 A WordPress Trigger that passes to Adalo the notification that there is a new post.
2 An action in Adalo who write something in the fields previously created.

Then, always in Adalo, enable the “trigger notification” in the Welcome Screen, setting the title and description how? Manually? And do you make it trigger how?


  • New Post in Wordpress, (webhook or time based scan of colleciton)
  • Check wp_ID does not exist in wp_notifications
  • Make a new record in Adalo wp_notifications
  • Get all users from Adalo
  • Set wp_notifications status = ‘Sending’ (so you don’t resend incase of an error)
  • For each user send a notification via Adalo notifications API

If you are willing to drop the automation, you can do it very simply from inside Adalo, as per ADalo help documentation.
Create a button from the detail screen of the post, attach a notification action, send to all users.

Again, sorry but
In the app there are no users, the app is open to everyone and I don’t care to manage users.

Then in Zapier the only actions allowed with Adalo are created or updated.

Ah, another thing, since to use the bees of Adalo you have to fainted to have an expensive and useless subscription, you cannot use.

This was the game would be simple: function in WordPress that controls posts and sends notification to the API.

You can’t send notification if users are not registered

I cannot??

And in your opinion, the apps that I do not require registration (and there are many), how do they send push notifications to iOS?

In simple answer: they don’t use Adalo.

In complicated answer, developers can store the device token in their db with no users and then notifications get sent to the device token with no users as middleware.

You must have users for notifications to work. That is not to say you can’t have dummy users.
This has been documented on the forums.

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