Nested lists in multiple apps no longer displaying correctly

:exclamation: For the past 24 hours or so, nested lists within multiple apps are all experiencing an issue where the components within them are displaying incorrectly (i.e. rectangles, images and text misaligned and overlapping) both in previewer and the Progressive Web App. This is a serious issue and unacceptable for live apps. We are now considering alternative platforms while attempting to troubleshoot the issue.

Hi @adamlennon,

Does this still happens? If it did you checked the all settings are correct? If it is Submitting a support ticket would be good!

Thank you

Yes, a number of apps are still hampered by this issue and it is impacting my business. All settings are correct and the error occurred during a change freeze so it must have been caused by a change at platform level. I am finding it difficult to recover from this unexpected outage and I am fast losing faith in Adalo as a viable platform.