Nesting? (group chat / social media)

I believe what I am looking to do is called nesting. In social media, it’s what allows comments in comments, etc. Another use for me would be unlimited categories w/in categories to filter a search for services.

I assume this has something to do with database design.

yes you can achieve this just by creating the right design,
but a comment can still be a comment and an answer to another comment, on ADalo you can achieve the 2nd just by making a relationship (one to many) comment to comments, and add the One comment “replied to” in that field when creating the “reply” comment and that’s it,

to show it oin the app you just put a list of comments (replies) under the first item of your “normal” comments and filter it to (current comment>replies)

I’m not sure what you mean by “the right design”. An easy example of this thought process would be Posts and Comments on twitter or Facebook, etc. Someone makes a Post, others then comment on those posts, and others comment on those comments, and so on…

I assume you’d setup that Collection (“Posts”) with a one-to-many relationship to itself, One “Post” to Many “Comments”. Or would I create a “Posts” Collection, and then a “Comments” collection, and then do a one-to-many relationship connecting “One Post” to “many Comments”, and then a “one Comment” to “many Comments”… I am so confused!

As far as the screen is concerned, I imagine a “Post Feed” where clicking a post opens the comments with the original post on top like twitter. Clicking on a comment would leave the original post on top, the comment you clicked on below that, and all comments to that comment listed below. Clicking the back arrow would take you one comment layer back each time until you reach the feed. I am curious how you’d set this up with screens and lists.

While I will have a chat feature in what I’m working on, I will have products listed similarly as well. These would have an unlimited number of categories to help search products or services.

Thank you for your time and help!