New Component - Marquee, Timeline and Table

Hello everyone,

It has been some time since I last released any new components. I had to stop building new ones since the end of 2022 due to being busy with my newborn. It has been quite challenging for me, and I have not had the time to release any new components. However, during this period, I have been helping to build custom components and continuing to support my existing ones.

I have been planning these three new components for the past three months, and it has been tough to find the time to build them. This explains why it has taken a while for me to create them. There are still certain parts that need improvement, and the documentation is not yet ready. Nevertheless, I am going to launch them now with a promotional price. Once the documentation is ready by the end of this month, the promotion price will be replaced with the original price. During this period, any component purchase will come with my Stringify component for free as a bundle deal.

All these components are testing working for web / pwa, I haven’t test it on native yet!




You can find all these new components on my component store today!


Congrats on the baby @knight!

It’s great to see you back! :smile:

thanks man

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