New Feed posting only by ADMIN

I am trying to create a slimmed-down type of Facebook newsfeed where an ADMIN login is the only one available to post to the timeline. I don’t want to have others posting on it, just a feed that I populate for users to see. Is there a way to do that in Adalo?

in the users collection have a true/false statement called admin. Then simply toggle visibility and links based on that.

On the button that creates the post, set the action to only happen if the user is an admin. Something like this…

Or hide the button based on if the user is an admin or not, something like this…


This is probably a stupid question, I just started using Adalo yesterday and am learning as quick as I can but I cannot find the disability option you talked about for showing/hiding the button based on user login

No problem, we all start somewhere.

If you click on the button, then in the left menu, at the top, click the three dots and choose ‘visibility’.

Maybe worth going onto the Adalo youtube page and checking out thir tutorials just to get up to speed with some of the functions.

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