New Traffic Stop App Seeking Beta Testers

Hi, my name is John Na and I’m currently an MBA student at The University of Notre Dame competing in the McCloskey New Venture Competition.

I recently built a new app called CopFob that aims to reduce the inconvenience and danger during routine traffic stops. I believe this app could potentially save lives by eliminating the need for drivers to reach into their glove compartments when they get pulled over.

I’m looking for beta testers and would greatly appreciate your brief feedback on the design and any key features you’d like to see as the app gets rolled out.

You can access the app here:



I added it to my home screen a few things

  • When uploading images such as a license. There’s no indication to upload. I accidentally got it to work by clicking on the blank box.

-The design seems a little dated.

But the idea is amazing. I’m not sure how nobody thought of this before.

If you would like to collaborate on it inbox me!

Hey, thanks for the feedback! These are just the kind of insights I’m looking for. Sure, feel free to email me and we can set up a time to chat-

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Yeah, I honestly don’t get it…