New user signup issues

Anyone else experiencing a new user signup issue?

Keep getting an error that the user already exists regardless of the email I submit.

User email already exists

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Getting the same error even when trying to manually create the user in the database

I have doublechecked the user does not exist and have tried creating users with completely random email addresses. I have submitted a ticket but wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.

Hi M4th,

I was experiencing this same issue a few days ago when uploading an image but after I refreshed the editor it was fixed.

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It’s happening outside of the editor as well. The actual site is giving this error.
I’ll trying refreshing it in hopes I can at least manually create the user. Thank you for the tip.

James, thank you so much.

I’d love to know why refreshing the editor not only fixed the issue with adding a new user in the editor but it also fixed the site itself.

This is a bizarre thing I’m hoping official support can look at and see what is going on.

James, thank you again!

Yeah it’s definitely a weird thing. lol :wink:

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The team said it was fixed 30 minutes ago. :slight_smile:

Interesting. I see the incident listed on the status page; however, I guess the status page only lists the latest incident even though it reads “Past Incidents”. Brilliant.

Oh well.

Thanks again, James. You responded quickly and what you suggested worked for me.

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