User Sign Up Issues

I am developing a site for an affiliate and while testing the subscription model wanted, I obviously have to create an account. whilst attempting to do so I ran into an error that pretty much says “user email already exist” or sometimes I’ll get one that reads something along the lines of “this error shouldn’t be popping up” either option is followed by a prompt reading action cannot be completed.

The Loggin/Signup process is the basic process using the form Adalo component. With the form being attached to the user collection and then obviously sign up or log in user. So, it is set up correctly. There are only two users currently in the collection one being a guest account and the other being one I made through the editor.

I’m using a google domains domain that is set up exactly how Adalo says it should be, and it functions enables me to go to the site etc. I used the same set up with google domains in the past never had any issues. Which is where my confusion grows even more. If I use the premade Adalo Domain, the error vanishes and I’m able to make new users without any issue. it only seems to be doing this when I use my own Domain. However, like I said I used this same process on other builds I’ve done and none of them are experiencing this issue.

I’ve tried everything I can think of so I’m turning to the community, does anyone have any ideas as to how I can remedy this issue.

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