New web notification do not work

Hello I’m trying the new feature for web app notification but is not working. I did (I think) all the necessary to allow the notification in the browser, then try to send a notification to all users and does not work. Please help.

Maybe it does not work on the free account?

FYI - I got the PWA notification coming through. However when you click on it, it doesn’t open the app “page not found”

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Did you link the request notifications in a button and and not automatic action? The browsers sometimes blocks it. So the user has to manually click the button to allow access.

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Hi, yes I setup a button for requesting to allow notifications (that works because I get the google chrome question to allow) and then I setup another button (test) to send notification from one user to another (test users) and doesn’t work.

Logged in user is excluded from any notifcations that they originate, you have to login via another user account on a separate browser to trigger the notification. Just making sure you have done that?

Hi thanks for answering. I did setup 2 different users. One sending notifications to all users. The other user (logged in on a different device) should receive it. I’m using a computer and a mobile to login to the 2 different users and I tried also to switch devices between the two.

Hi Gianni, to my mind you have done everything needed. I would perhaps just confirm that notifications from other websites are getting through. When the feature was released I couldn’t get it to work and it was because of the setting on my Mac at a system level.

Beyond this, raise a ticket and sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Ok. I tried on my macbook and only works on safari (one way) from mobile to desktop browser, not working the other way around, from desktop browser to mobile (the app was added to the home screen on iphone).
This is very frustrating, I don’t even know why I keep trying with Adalo, I shold just try another platform.
Anyway thanks for your help.

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Anyone knows what I’m doing wrong?

@Gianni73 Only way to tell is if you post some screenshots of how and where you have the request for mobile and web. And where and how you are triggering the notification.

If you post some up I’m sure @Rozza or I can tell you.

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