No Code is an engine

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This topic could be controversial as I made an example of other no code platform, but if we want to take a lesson here, we need to be open to read what others have been doing.

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This kind of engine is very complex and includes lots and lots of branches, even more complex than the traditional code compiler tools, because its massive flexibility in showing and validating the number of options makers can have while still maintaining the visual representation and runtime aspects.

But the good news are this concept has been around for tens of years and every time being brought to life with a new generation of tech stacks, it gets better and better, but it just need more time to catch up.

As any other complex system, changing one thing can impact many other things, adding seemingly simple feature could take more time and efforts than anyone can hope for, but eventually it will come, just need some time.

With current Adalo’s capabilities, we can show lots of different use cases what an app can be directed to, and with its approach of design first then logic can make us iterate much faster by arriving to the MVP sooner than we think.

But the other side would be to not just knowing the capabilities but also the workarounds and refrain from limitation at least gauging between stuck on the nice-to-have feature and continuing with the core features.

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Can you verify the link?

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Sorry, didn’t realize it expires fast.

Now revised.

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