Congratulations for $8M Series A Funding

Amazing Product! #NoCodeRevolution :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope that some money might speed up the wishlist…


Congrats, really Adalo is a good platform for nocode development, I tired many, but adalo stand on top, but performance issue is a big threat for the developers. I hope they will provide more GBs for customers, speed up their backlogs and improve overall performance.


CONGRATULATIONS ADALO!!! And all of us for that matter! I too have tried many different platforms and Adalo shined more than all of them. It seemed like you were 10 miles ahead and felt like you were up to something…good I mean. This must have been it! I’m glad I rolled the dice and started building our goliath, or rebuilding I should say…right here.

I sincerely hope that dedicated copies of Adalo on dedicated or VPS hosting accounts is very first on the agenda! I think the majority of developers AND no-coders alike, would be locked in for life!

The following is not my area of expertise but, I have wondered if auto-saving…multiplied by this many users… every second… is collectively and drastically slowing down performance?.?. I for one, would actually prefer to click the save button myself and especially if it cuts all apps the action of saving every user’s app more than in half…if it works that way?.

Great work Adalo!!!

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That’s technically not possible and will never happen. The no-code thing only works within their server and code environment.

Ahh I see… That area is not my area of expertise at all… Thanks for the intel! It sounds like the current migration will be a good thing as far as performance tho?.?.

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