Multi-Select Filter for a Collection

Hi All,

I formerly asked how to create/update a collection with some properties that have many options (ie many-to-many relationship with the collection). I was told that Adalo Forms do not work with many to many relationships and that we can instead update the collection in a multi-step form (ie put the Collection data through at least one screen). This advice seems to have worked well.

My question now is, how do I do the reverse (ie How do I search the current collection data for various properties - including those that have many options/many to many relationship with the collection?) My filter for the list doesn’t seem to include the “other component” that I would need. This seems to be limited to the properties that have a many to many relationship.

I’m trying to make a app to help a animal shelter. One where they can upload various [Animals] (the collection) with various properties (some being 1-to-1 relationships, such as [Breed], [Sex], [Species] but also some that are many to many relationship, like [Breed] and [Colors]. Using a multi-step-form seems to work for uploading animals (which the shelter would use), but now how can I search for a particular type of animal (eg A black, white and brown dog ext)? Hope this example made sense.


Maybe this will help: Lists

And probably this link too.

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