Not able to use many to many relation to filter in a list

Hi everyone,
although it seems the specific issue for @mohit51196 was solved, I still cannot filter a list by comparing a many-to-many relationship.

My use case is a different one, but the problem seems the same.

So I have a list of items which I want users to be able to filter by colour.
Items have multiple colours rather than one main colour (many-to-many relationship between a collection for items and a collection for colours).
I also have a collection of selected filters that is up-dated each time the user changes the filter he/she wants to apply (many-to-many relationship between collection selected filters and the collection for colors).

Now, I wanted to set a filter with

Current Item > All Colors
Current Selected Filters > All Colors

However, I cannot select “All Colors” for the latter setting.
Maybe there is another way of solving this that I haven’t come up with yet. So any pointers towards a solution are much appreciated. :pray:

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