Not able to view data from Database relationship

Hello. I am trying to use the MultiSelect Dropdown to create a search that will search by tags a collection of hymns by using this tutorial: How to make a list your users can filter - Adalo Resources and I am having trouble implementing this database relationship to do what is in the tutorial.

My database has two tables that have a many-to-many relationship:

  1. Tags table
  2. Hymn Collection table
  • Each row in the tags table can have multiple Hymn Collection items,
  • Each row in the Hymn Collection items can have multiple tags.

I am linking the MultiSelect Dropdown of Tags table with a custom list of Hymn Collection table.
My problem is: when I want to show the tags that are contained in each Hymn Collection row inside the custom list, I am unable to access the name column of the Tags table. Despite being able to see the connection in the database as shown bellow.

Ultimately my question is,

what is the point of having a custom list of a table A with a database relationship to a table B, if I cannot specify the items related to table A from table B inside the custom list?

Database set-up:

MultiSelect and List set-up:

Problem - cannot view the relationship data (tags name field for each hymn row):

Thanks for any help or advice if I’m linking the data wrong. I know I can create a manually populated tags column in Hymn Collection, but that would defeat the purpose of a many-to-many db relationship…