Trigger notification on new database entry

Can I trigger a notification when a new entry is created in the database?

For example, I’m creating a new order with a user account. And I want that to trigger a notification to the admin account.

Thanks in advance.

yes on the final button you have the customer clicking add another on click item and select trigger notification. select all users to be notified but then right under it hit filter. change it to filter admin true

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Thanks CopyThat.

What if I want to do it cross platform.

I have two apps, end user and backoffice sharing the same database. Is that still possible?

Hi @designedhead,

Per my understanding how notifications work, you will need have an admin logged-in at least once via the client app and accept the notifications. Then he/she should receive them. However, these will be from client app and clicking on them probably will lead to the client app

If you’d like to send the notifications from the admin app, then probably you’ll have to experiment with something like Zapier.

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That Sounds Great victor. I went down that rabbit hole and get set up with Zapier. But the delay is insane.

So I went ahead and registered with Pushbullet. But the Api connection doesn’t seem to be working.

Is there anyone familiar with custom actions who can help me get it to work?

On their docs they write the request should be sent out to and the header should be Access-Token: <your_access_token_here>.

Did I do something wrong?


@Colin, Could you lend a hand?

for anyone that runs into this the solution is to use the following link instead:

with the following response.
“iden”: “ubdpj29aOK0sKG”,
“type”: “note”,
“title”: “Note Title”,
“body”: “Note Body”,
“created”: 1399253701.9744401,
“modified”: 1399253701.9746201,
“active”: true,
“dismissed”: false,
“sender_iden”: “ubd”,
“sender_email”: “”,
“sender_email_normalized”: “”,
“receiver_iden”: “ubd”,
“receiver_email”: “”,
“receiver_email_normalized”: “


Hi @designedhead,

It seems that Push notifications could be sent in-between different apps, if they share the same database. See here (somewhere in the middle of the topic):

I did an experiment - created another app sharing same DB, and was able to send notifications from this new app to an existing one.

Adalo is a fantastic platform - every day I discover something new :slight_smile:

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