The THC Girls App (All The Bells & Whistles!)

I’ve spent several months working on this app for the THC Girls. “The High Country Girls” aka the “THC Girls” are a cannabis marketing agency and cannabis brand ambassadors.

This app has a ton of really cool features and I’m really proud to pop this one into the app showcase!

  • Referral program via referral codes
  • E-commerce merch shop
  • Internal user messaging (for paid models and vendors)
  • Model and vendor directory
  • Model and vendor subscriptions (with a smooth sales flow)
  • Opportunity board (like a news feed with money-making opportunities)
  • Events & event submission
  • Notification screen with updates (new merch, new messages, new events, etc, similar to the facebook notifications screen)

It looks great! Congratulations

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This is beautiful! Can you make it cloneable? Or post some of the functions as templates? I’d love to see how you configured some of them.

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I cannot make it cloneable, it was created for a client.

Did you have questions about any specific functions?

Not yet, but I’m sure I will soon. In the meantime, impressive job!

how much would a app like this cost?


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On a serious note, it depends.

My pricing starts at $2.5k and goes up to $7.5k.

OR I do no-code app consultations for $300/hour where I will walk you through any questions about development, marketing, and entrepreneurship.


Can you show the backend? How are they orders arrive the seller? Is there a order backend or does he receive a emal?

Both. The admin receives an email and has an admin dashboard to view all orders.

Birds eye view:

Admin Dashboard:

Admin order processing screens:

Live view of the admin dashboard:

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thank you! Awesome impressive work! That is the most complex app I yet saw with adalo.

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Wow Great work @Flawless :star_struck:

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