Notifications at the cel

Hello, I have a question, I have a web app where it has a chat section and a market place, I would like to know how to make users receive a notification to their cell phone when someone uploads a product to the store or has a new message in the chat.

I NEED HELP, I already have 200 users in the app and they complain about that.

Hi Santiago

You need to think about how you’re going to notify them.

Either they need to have the app installed for native notifications, you can use email, or you can use SMS.

If you want native notifications, create a mobile app.

If you want email or SMS, look at sendgrid, mailchimp, or twilio.

Hope that helps!

Hello, thanks for your answer, it is a mobile app, now I uploaded it as a webapp and later I will upload it to download in google store and apple store …

I want it to reach users as a trigger notification.

If it’s in the app stores, you’ll be able to trigger notifications to the users.

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