Newbie trigger notifications issue

I have followed all the videos I can find and all settings seem ok. I have my google JSONs set up and added in the app. The conversations are being put into the database but I still do not get the notifications. I built the app and installed the APK and all looks good with no errors. The message gets sent to the recipient but no notification is ever sent.

I have the trigger notification on and set the recipient as current conversation > members, I have the title, message body and screen set. I am using the chat kit. I’m sure I have something set incorrectly but I don’t know what it is. The trigger happens when the send button is clicked to send the message. Any suggestions?

Can you post a screenshot of how you have set this action up. That way we can quickly identify the possible issue.

I have this set to send to “Current Conversation > Members > All” at the moment which is 2 members. Later once I get this part working I will filter to send to 1 on the Members.

I found the issue finally. I added the trigger at the group level instead of the componet level. So it is now working but another issue has surfaced. When I get the notification pop up in the app if I click it to go to the screen the app crashes. Tried it on two android devices and the same thing happened. It just says the app has stopped.

Seems to happen if I am in the app when I click the notification. If the app is not being used and I click the notification the app does not crash. Are there any error logs to view?

What device are you using? I can bring this to the development team’s attention if this continues. Please let me know.

Thanks Colin for your help. I think this issue is specific to the chat app. When I use the trigger and click the notifiction in my other app on the same devices I do not have that issue.

I am going to start over with the chat app and if I have the same issue I will report it to the bugs sections of the forum.

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