How to have a guide system in adalo app?

So i was wondering how do we create a guide function in adalo native app, such as when the user first go sign up to the app, they have to follow an automated tutorial and then after completed then can use the app fully. Is this possible? Thanks

Yes, it’s possible.

Create a true/false property in the user collection. You could call it “Onboarded”.

Then I would recommend duplicating the screens you would like to have in the onboarding flow, and editing the screens with what you want to show and what the user can do.

Therefore, when the user signs ups for the first time, the “Onboarded” property is false, and so it takes the user through the onboarding (you control this with conditional actions). When the user finishes the onboarding or closes it, you change the property “Onboarded” to true, and the user will then use the app normally.


Bingo, @charleshope’s explanation is exactly right.

Just to show a simple example. Like I did with this one, none of the menu icons actually do anything so they HAVE to click the “Got it” buttons to ensure they know where things are. I used an input and visibility settings to show the right one in the right order.

The complete onboarding button sets the “Onboarding Complete” true/false parameter to true for the logged-in user, then sends them to the home screen.

Ok thanks a lot I will check it out

Hi and also is it possible to have the onboarding system in multiple pages for example in one page the user go through onboarding on that page, and after that they can use that page normally, and then when the enter a new page they have never entered before they will be onboarded on that page again, is that possible or do we have to do it all in one screen? Let me know, thanks!

Yes, it’s possible.

You follow the same process but you create an onboarding property for each screen you want.

“Onboarded A”, “Onboarded B”, etc. Those are examples.

Although I personally would not recommend it. I have used and seen many onboardings and the simpler they are the better. If you take me for onboarding on each screen, it will be very annoying.

Focus the onboarding on the essentials only (so only one onboarding process). The rest, the user will figure it out if you have an intuitive design.

Ok thanks very much, I was just wondering whether adalo have the function where a button is clicked then show the next guide text, because i am having some trouble with the onboarding setting condition to show each text in sequential order.

You control that with visibility conditions and properties. But that would mean you will have many visibility conditions under one screen, which can affect has smooth the process is.

Here’s my recommendation. The screenshot you shared, separate that process into several screens. Each step has only one action the user can take. When they take the action, it takes the user to another screen with the next step, and so on.

That way you avoid having too many visibility conditions and each step loads smoothly because each step is a screen.

This post by Sean can help you!

Ok thanks I will try it out!

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