One login on two devices - can I display alternate name and photo on second device profile screen?

My Users collection has User Name and User Photo, but also has fields for Spouse Name and Spouse Photo.

If both the user and the spouse use the same login on two different devices, is there any way to let the spouse display their name and photo on the profile screen on their device, instead of the primary user’s name and photo?

I’m using the profile screen as a digital ID card for accessing services in my store. All other functions on the app would be the same. Just want to be able to verify whether I’m servicing the user, or the user’s spouse.

Please advise!

Hmmm, I think I answered similar recently. IMO better to have

  1. Users Collection as Admin for family account
  2. Family Members Collection.

Then when login using the same email address, they choose which user (like netflix)
From then on your profile name and photo is called from Family Members, Current User NOT Logged in User.

Should the admin want to adjust admin type settings, then they can click a ‘settings’ icon which is hidden from other users.

You could password or pincode access to adult users accounts.

Apart from the above suggestion, you could also experiment with a Users:Users relationship, but you may run into issues with blank or duplicate email addresses.

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