Strange behavior on a custom list - bug?

Strange behavior on a custom list - bug?

…whenever I use a rectangle that is visible based on criteria, the whole list item becomes mushed. Any ideas on why this is happening or what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

I made this video to explain and show what I’m experiencing:

Hi @developermct,

This is result of “auto-layout” of the Adalo’s engine. Such effects are quite frequent with “conditionally visible” elements, as Adalo doesn’t always manage to calculate item positions correctly with all these conditions.

I would recommend to have 2 groups (rectangle + content inside), one is for “occupied” slot and the other for “free” slot. Make them conditionally visible. Put one right above the other (like these 2 buttons on the screenshot - only one is visible at a time).

With some fine-tuning, you’ll get the result that these 2 groups will perfectly “replace” each other based on the condition.

Best regards, Victor.

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