Any tutorials on client onboarding and admin screen?

Hi everyone. I’m at the end of my ropes here and I can’t figure out how everything works on the client onboarding side. Like I created an admin screen for my paying clients but I don’t know how to set up the screen for them to put their payment information in their admin profile. Also, is there any tutorials on how to set this onboarding up? Like, where does the client go to sign up to use my app? Is that something I’m setting up or do they have to sign up for an account with Adalo?

Also, I wanted to create an app where clients could just download my app, sign up, create their store, restaurant, etc and start selling. Is that how it works? Or am I supposed to help create their restaurants and stores for each client and do the associating of the database relationships for them? I’m not even sure if I’m asking the right questions or if any of this is even clear what I’m asking but I’m in the dark. I’m very close to completing my app and I’m stuck on this.

Lastly, what about tutorials on how to create a dropdown menu where i set up the client’s account and the user’s account for things like My Order, Past Order, Rewards, Payment, etc.

Please help!

Have you been through all of the tutorials provided by Adalo?

Sounds like you’ve got some simple & complex tasks ahead of you - all very much possible though. A lot of it sounds like database management, without this understanding you won’t be able to create even the most simple of apps.

I would also suggest using resources like Makerpad to follow step by step tutorials on apps similar to the one you’re trying to make.

No. I’m trying to hunt them all down but can’t really find what I need with regards to my issues above. I’ll check out the Makerpad tutorials. Thanks for the suggestion.

Where do I find the Makerpad tutorials again?

Nevermind. Found it.

OMG. You have to pay for the Makerpad tutorials? $99? Jesus. Is there any free ones?

Yes there are free ones on Makerpad and many many other no code tutorial websites.

My best advice is to just google and look yourself they aren’t hard to find if you know how to use Google.


We don’t really have any tutorials specific to your use case yet. However, we have 2 Adalo Experts who are making lots of great tutorials based on requests from the community. Perhaps @prakharm8 or @Victor might be interested in making a tutorial specific to this at some point.

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Thanks, Colin. I might have to hire experts to comb through my app with me in order to complete it. But, I’m not working right now so money is kinda tight. LOL.

As for me, this idea sounds like a full commercial-grade app, with quite a lot of functions. And I’m not sure there exists a complete tutorial how to build such app (and as I see it, it should be at least 5-7 lessons, starting from DB design ending with payment integrations).

For the onboarding this video might be useful: Small hints: saving time - use one screen to show repetitive screens


Hi Victor. Yes, this is a full-on full commercial-grade app. It’s actually 4 two-sided apps all built into one. I actually used your above tutorial for the sign up process. What I mean on the onboarding is more a dashboard for the admins to sign into so they can manage their order management system by running a sales report, creating their restaurants, creating a menu and uploading their photos, inputting their payment information, etc.

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