Order of build for structre and data base

one last question for a little while. sorry new to adalo.

so, i want to build an app that is really based around geo locatio.n but because of the trial period, id like to add that portion of the app last. so i can not waste the 15 days while building the other portion. does it matter really how you add the portions to your app.
have a great labor day every one.!

Hi @coderkie,

That’s not a problem! You can ask many questions here and there are so many talented makers that can and will surely help you!

You mean the order right? What I’m doing is adding the features one by one ( sometimes more than one ) each day! But as sorted like let’s say that I’m creating a selling app and then I first create the database and then starting from simple like adding a list to the Home screen to show the products and then add other features like cart system,orders,payments etc.

And also there’s a course on Adalo App Academy made by @barrettnash about building a app with location features! : Location Master Class: Building A Gig Economy Delivery App (Think Uber)

Thank you

Always happy to chat geolocation functionality :smiley:

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thank you, i’ll definitely take a look. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: