Parental consent

If my app “targets” kids then I need a parental conset according to COPPA. I also need an additional privacy policy. Does anyone know how to make this work?

I currently have a modal set up for when a new user’s DOB is after 01/01/2008 but it does not trigger when I create a new user. It just goes right in. Also how would I do this with the sign in with Apple/Google Buttons.

I cannot find any topic on this on any forum or the help website. Surely I’m not the first one to come across this. My app is for users of all ages and is associated with a game for all ages. So maybe I do not even need it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

I assume you put this in signup screen.

Try using the same screen, not another modal screen, and put visibility in signup button as per your age check.

Better not use form for signup, as it is limited.

Firstly adding additional privacy policy is the right way, and make sure it target kids doesn’t have adults in it except for “Parents” either ways it would be great to make it safe for kids.

Google component is in the Community Market Place.

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