PDF Generator Adalo Component is Now Released

Hello Community,
I’ve finished the development of the PDF Generator Adalo component, which can generate PDF within your Adalo Application (Web,iOS&Android) without requisition any PDF generator services.
Currently, it is on review in the Adalo Market place. I hope it soon will be available there.
As for now, it can be installed from https://itsmi.store/components with 14 days trial period.
Demo Application PDF Generator & Previewer Demo App

Video Demo:

Looks great !! Just wish they weren’t subscription based :blush:

I’ll let you know as soon as Adalo finishes to review and it will be available in the marketplace.

Ohh!? So it won’t be subscription on the Adalo Store? That’s great. This will sell well I suspect.

This will help me a lot with my application. Let me know when it comes out. Cheers.