Performance for big app: when will it run smoothly? Next year? Next ten years? Or never?

Hi all,
I intend to advertise my Adalo app in a big group. BUT I AM AFRAID hundred thousands of user will visit at the same time and my app will die at the first sight.

Please tell me how to advertise to reach million people without making my app crash! Is this possible or IMpossible?

About performance for big app (ten millions of record), do you have an estimation about the day when Adalo can adapt this kind of app, next month? Next year? Next ten years? Or never? (very important for me to decide if I can go ahead with Adalo or rent a developing team)

Thank you!

They won’t tell you. They would lose many customers in a second if they announce it. Their current advantage (been able to build native apps) is the only reason why many still stick to adalo. If a competitor adds that feature - well…

Hi @tuanphan09,

Probably in the next few months performance will be improved. (there will be a community town hall in a few weeks)

Also, maybe next year (or this year) there will be a enterprise plan that allows to host your app on your own. (AWS, Heroku, on-premises)


Thank you. I am waiting for this update coming soon…

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