Performance on Mobile Data vs Wifi. Tios?

Hi. My app’s performance on Mobile Data is significantly worse vs performance on WiFi.

Is this normal on Adalo?
Does someone have any tips on how to improve this?


We haven’t seen differences as that’s really based on your mobile vs wifi speeds, it shouldn’t have anything to do with Adalo.

Some recommendations is making sure you aren’t pushing anything too heavy on the imagery side that isn’t compressed and make sure your other loading factors are managed well. This is a good article for further reading:

hi @Erik , thanks for your feedback. I’d actually already seen that article and it was really helpful for some improvements in my app.

The differences in performance I see when using mobile data are pretty general across the app. Simple tab/screen changes are pretty slow, almost every action is slower.

do you know if hidden components, like lists, affect the app’s performance?

Any filtering or logic has to go through Adalo’s servers to decide what to render. That speed does add if mobile is slower than wifi.

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thank you! I’ll clean up my hidden components to see if it improves performance.

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