Permission issue with image uploads on android - Was this issue from last year solved?

I see this issue was raised last year by Julian on this forum, regarding the problem with the image picker. i.e. “Only some (not all) android users are receiving the following error message when trying to use the image picker.
Error: storage/… failed permission denied
Error: couldn’t get file path for…”

This was recognized as a high-priority bug in August 2020, but seems like it is still happening for some android users. So is the bug still in “open” state or was there a solution that I missed implementing?
Please advise and help.

So this is the error, that’s coming up for a particular set of Android version(s), not all. Any idea why this is happening and if there is a solution for this?

@Colin can you please comment on this issue and if there has been any resolution for this? As I find this has been an issue that was reported almost a year back. If any solution was found (which I didn’t come across in the forum topics) please let me know.
Thanks in advance and appreciate your help on this.

The team is still working on this one. It is proving to be a difficult one to fix for various technical reasons. So far, this only affects Android 10 users.

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Thank you Colin for the reply. I can understand there are too many tickets for your team already and it’s really difficult to find solutions to them, all at once. Appreciate your help and your team’s efforts on everything. This issue though creates many usability issues especially for our android 10 users, but here hoping that the team can find a solution soon. :crossed_fingers: :blush: :+1:

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