Please let me know how to display saved routes using the maps component

I want to display the routes that login user was walking while an hour.
Is it possible to display saved routes using the maps component?

Best regards, mito

As of today, the answer is that it is not possible. For 2 reasons.

  1. using the PragmaFlow (our) geolocation component you can enable continuous mode and save the location as the person walks. However, if the user closes the app, locks the screen, places it in the pocket, or does anything that is not holding the phone in their hand and pressing the screen you will not record their data. Background location is on the short term road map. Sign up for our mailchimp if you want to know when it is released.
  2. the current Adalo map component works on markers and addresses only. You cannot draw polygons or map coordinates. So even if you save the data, the map component cannot visually display it.

Thank you for the easy to understand explanation.

‘if the user closes the app’ means ‘the app is running in the background’?
Excuse me,Could you tell me please.

The answer is not simple, so for the purpose of Adalo, yes, an app running in the background is the same as an app being closed.

If you want a more technical answer, Adalo app navigation and life cycle management means that if your user navigates too many screens away from the geolocation component it will stop updating even if the app is open. I think you can search “Timer keeps running when changing screens” in this forum for more information.

Then there is background and closed apps. If you have ever used Uber Eats for food, then taken a drive at 5pm past McDonalds, you will probably receive a notification like, “15% off McDonald’s tonight”. This is not an accident, Uber Eats is tracking your location in the background or closed state so it knows you are beside a McDonald’s and it is time to think about dinner. This is very intentional. Adalo does not have background location or notification yet, i will build it soon.

Finally, there is manufacturer differences with Android. iOS not so much because Apple OS works on Apple products so they are more predictable. If you look at this is a problem professional app developers need to deal with all the time. So professional app developers struggle to keep up with manufactures and need to study and continue their education daily, for a No-code person, this is impossible to understand. “It is a bug in Adalo”, well, no, it is how Samsung designed their phone…

I hope this helps.

I appreciate your quick and kind response.
I could understand about the caution to use Pragma Flow.

Is it possible to send regular automatic API requests by the app?
If the answer is yes, I’m considering to get location a way to use Google Geo Location API and not Pragma Flow.

And the case, the app send location data get by Google Geo Location API to our web-server.

The app display the HTML-file of web-server through web view.

Sorry for asking so many questions, always.

Best regards, mito

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