PragmaFlow location component, best use?

Currently I use PragmaFlow location component because the Adalo one defaults to nearest adress and I need more exact location.

However I need some guidance on how best to use it. I have two views that need to save GPS coordinates, while someone is moving and keep walking.

If I set it to NOT load continuously and do actions on page load I get a gps location that seems to be a bit off. Often it’s “around” a place I walked by a minute ago.

If I set it to load continuously and wait a bit before save (might do that with a timer) I seem to get a more exact location. But if I do this will it keep refreshing the gps coordinate even after the user leaves that screen? Seems a bit ineffective to have multiple views refreshing GPS location every other second if it keeps doing it even when not needed.

Any tips on how I should design it for best efficiency?